Everards Brewery is committed to having a progressive and measurable approach in terms of improving our environmental impact.

Driven by an active team of employees, and supported by the University of Leicester, we aim to achieve this by being aware of the whole life of items we use and produce. Wherever possible we are working to reduce the amount we consume, reuse items through refurbishing or finding alternative functions, and recycling to achieve our goal of sending zero waste to landfill.

We continually investigate and initiate progressive initiatives to help us achieve these aims. Our key actions to date have included:

  • We work with a local company to recycle the products which we use at our brewery site in Leicestershire and at our pubs across the East Midlands. All waste bins have been replaced by recycling boxes and waste is broken down and sorted for reuse or recycling.
  • We monitor our energy usage and have made steps to improve efficiency through equipment upgrades, such as our warehouse lighting, and employee awareness.
  • We reuse as many items as possible, identifying alternative uses such as providing spent grain to a local farmer for use as feed.
  • Our company car policy has been developed to cap emissions and retain vehicles for longer. This also applies to the fleet of drays used to deliver our products. For all types of journeys, we carefully plan routes and encourage car sharing to reduce mileage.
  • All employees have access to a ‘cycle to work’ scheme where they can purchase bikes at a reduced cost and use them to commute.
  • Our bottled beers are in lightweight glass bottles which include less raw materials and reduce waste.
  • We print on recycled paper wherever possible and have been actively reducing our printing and paper usage overall.
  • We have reduced our purchasing of items such as stationary to encourage reuse and minimise waste.
  • Our brewing techniques have been reviewed to ensure they are as efficient as possible.
  • During refurbishment work, we aim to reuse fixtures and fittings or locally source reclaimed alternatives wherever possible.
  • We support our licensees to source locally produced products to reduce food miles, including our range of beers.
  • We are a member of the DHL packaging and recycling scheme for more information click here