“As a family company, we live by our Company Philosophy, Aims and Visions – they are much more than simply words. Every generation of my family has subtly altered these words and the current ones were set out in 1988 when I took over as fifth generation Chairman. Our philosophy and aims tell you everything about Everards culture and how we look to the future.” Richard Everard OBE DL (pictured)

Our Philosophy

We are and will remain an independent private company with active family involvement securely underpinned by our ownership and development of freehold properties.

Our Aim

Our aim is to increase the real worth and profitability of the company in the long term by:

  • Providing first class quality goods and services to our customers

  • Providing caring, rewarding and enjoyable employment for all our staff

  • Making a beneficial contribution to the communities in which we trade

Our Vision

Our visions were created as part of a collaborative piece of work by nearly half of our employees and although they reflect the brewery of today, they challenge us through continual improvement towards the company of the future.

Pub Estate Vision

  • A Family Business supporting Great People to run Great Pubs

Brewing & Brands Vision

  • A Family Brewery supplying Great Beers, Great Innovation and Great Support

Community Vision

  • Making a beneficial contribution to the communities in which we live and work

Living the Company Values

Our company values are derived directly from the Everard family’s values. To help everyone understand what it means to live by these we have devised some statements to describe what behaviour is appropriate for each of them.

Our values are:


  • I behave in an honest, consistent and uncomplicated manner
  • I communicate in an easy to understand and concise way
  • I provide clear explanations to people and am easy to work with


  • I treat people in a friendly way and am always approachable
  • I spend time listening to people and encouraging them to progress
  • I support and help others to achieve their goals


  • I respect the past and things that work well, whilst looking for continual improvement and innovative ways of achieving results
  • I want success for myself, my team, the company and its customers


  • I respond quickly to requests for information or assistance
  • I always meet or exceed other people’s expectations of the service I provide and the goals we agree
  • I respond well to changing circumstances in order to achieve results


  • I act in an honest, reliable and trustworthy way
  • I keep promises and do what I say I am going to do
  • I take personal responsibility for my actions


We really value customer feedback to please feel free to comment on our philosophy, vision and values by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page.