Sponsorship Policy

As part of our ‘Support Your Local’ campaign we are involved in sponsoring various activities in our heartland area.

If you are looking for sponsorship from us, please be aware that our support is concentrated on the following:

And that unfortunately, we are unable to consider sponsorship for:

  1. Individuals seeking personal sponsorship
  2. Any events / organisations which have a political affiliation
  3. Unregistered Charities or organisations
  4. Events or activities which involve driving
  5. Extreme Sports or events
  6. As an alcohol producer, we think it is it inappropriate to support events or activities that mostly involve Under 18 year olds.
  7. Everards promote responsible drinking, so cannot support events where there may be large amounts of alcohol consumed.

All applications for sponsorship are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and there may occasionally be some exceptions to the above.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please make your application in writing to the Marketing Department or by emailing [email protected]