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Mild No.1

This month we have a fantastic classic mild celebrating CAMRA's ‘Mild Month’. Mild No.1 has all the traditional roasted flavours you’d expect from this style.





1.0 units per half

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Dark Brown

Cyclops nose iconSmell

Caramel, Roasted

Cyclops mouth iconTaste

Lightly hopped, Perfectly Balanced


2.0 out of 5 2.0/5 bitterness 2.0/5 bitterness 2.0/5 bitterness 2.0/5 bitterness 2.0/5 bitterness


3.0 out of 5 3.0/5 sweetness 3.0/5 sweetness 3.0/5 sweetness 3.0/5 sweetness 3.0/5 sweetness


Challenger, Brambling Cross


Dark Malt



Available in cask throughout May.

Our cask beers use isinglass finings, therefore, are not vegetarian. Good news though - our keg and bottled beers are all suitable for vegetarians!

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Some deliciousBeer and food pairings

The malty flavour of our Mild No.1 makes it an ideal accompaniment to a classic pub Ploughman's.

There's a beer for that

Perfect with...

Ploughman's lunch or a mild cheddar cheese

Visit to find out more.

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Brewed with 100% British IngredientsMild No.1

Amongst all the innovation in the beer category, classic styles have seen a revival and with the increase in demand for lower alcohol choices, there’s really been no better time to welcome a cask Mild back on the bar!

Brewed with English grown Challenger and Brambling Cross, our Mild No.1 has a rich dark brown colour and is perfectly balanced. With notes of sweet deep roasted malt and caramel, you’ll find a lightly hopped ale with a spicy finish for a satisfying aftertaste.

Did you know?

The dark mild that we know today only really dates back to the 1930s. Over the years. Mild has been every colour, from golden to black, had ABVs as low as 1.1 percent and as ' high as 10 percent. No other style has transformed itself as often or as radically.