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A fruity red ale, brewed with Pilot and Flyer hops.





1.1 units per half

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Stoned Fruit, Treacle-Toffee, Caramel

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Lemon, Spicy, Marmalade


4.0 out of 5 4.0/5 bitterness 4.0/5 bitterness 4.0/5 bitterness 4.0/5 bitterness 4.0/5 bitterness


2.0 out of 5 2.0/5 sweetness 2.0/5 sweetness 2.0/5 sweetness 2.0/5 sweetness 2.0/5 sweetness


Pilot, Flyer




Contains barley and wheat

Available in cask throughout September.

Our cask beers use isinglass finings, therefore, are not vegetarian. Good news though - our keg and bottled beers are all suitable for vegetarians!

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Some deliciousBeer and food pairings

Being a red beer, Myrtle lends itself to rich flavours, spices and meats, burgers and spicy cuisines. With the stoned fruit, treacle-toffee and caramel notes of this red beer it is best to pair with strong flavours, such as those found in game. 

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Perfect with...

Burgers, game

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Myrtle the ParachickI believe I can fly

In 1944 Lieutenant Pat Glover of 10 Para was stationed in Somerby. Pat wanted to prove the notion that chickens could fly so he ‘acquired' a red hen, took it on several practice jumps and eventually taught her to flutter down from 300 feet.  He named her Myrtle (after a local Land Army Girl), taking her everywhere with him in his zip-up canvas bag. At The Battle of Arnhem ('The Bridge Too Far’) Myrtle dropped with Pat but was sadly ‘Killed in Action’, earning the right to be buried on the battlefield with her 'Para Wings’ and full military honours. At her burial, it was said that Myrtle ‘Was game to the last’!

To commemorate Myrtle the Parachick, we have partnered with The Parachute Regimental Association ‘Friends of the Tenth’. They are raising money to erect a memorial in Somerby to remember the brave young men of the 10th Battalion. In September 1944, 582 men left Somerby to drop at Arnhem, tragically, two weeks later only 30 returned to the village. 5p from every pint will be donated to the Friends of the Tenth.  

Myrtle is a red ale, brewed with Pilot and Flyer hops. You’ll find aromas of stoned fruit, treacle toffee and caramel with lemon, spicy, marmalade on the finish.