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Small Beer No.1

A limited batch, lower strength ale that’s satisfying and full of flavour.




Small beer

0.8 units per half

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Golden Amber

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Citrus, Floral, Pine

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Citrus, Dry, Bitter


3.5 out of 5 3.5/5 on the bitterness scale 3.5/5 on the bitterness scale 3.5/5 on the bitterness scale 3.5/5 on the bitterness scale 3.5/5 on the bitterness scale


3 out of 5 3/5 on the sweetness scale 3/5 on the sweetness scale 3/5 on the sweetness scale 3/5 on the sweetness scale 3/5 on the sweetness scale


Challenger, Cascade, Styrian Goldings


Ale, Oat and Rye

Available in cask throughout January.

Our cask beers use isinglass finings, therefore, are not vegetarian. Good news though - our keg and bottled beers are all suitable for vegetarians!

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Some deliciousBeer and food pairings

This beer lends itself to pub food as well as home cooked dishes. It's great with sausages, burgers, shepherd’s pie, lasagne and a Ploughman’s is the right direction to maximise the sweet comforting flavours in this beer.

Perfect with…

Beef burgers, Lancashire or Red Leicester cheese

Full-bodied and fruitySmall Beer No.1

We’ve brewed a very special limited batch of our new ale, Small Beer No.1 for January with our friends at the Brunswick Brewery.

Small Beer (also known as small ale or table beer) is an ale that contains a lower amount of alcohol by volume and they typically range between 0.5% - 2.8% ABV. Small Beer‘s have been popular throughout history. Everyone, including children used to drink beer up until the 19th century. Small Beer which was usually less than 1% ABV, was safer to drink than water as the boiling and fermentation processes killed any bugs.

We’ve carefully considered the brewing techniques and ingredients when creating the recipe for our 2.7% ale to ensure that whilst the beer is lower strength it remains a full-bodied ale, full of fruity flavour. We have selected high quality ingredients including Challenger, Cascade and Styrian Goldings hops and combined these with oats to give the ale body and smoothness and Rye which gives a red hue and semi-dry finish. You’ll taste a classic malt and hop flavour with a prominent citrus twist and a fruity aroma which makes a very moreish and satisfying ale.

To achieve a beer that is lower in alcohol, our brewers have used a smaller amount of malt in the brewing process. Sugars are extracted from the malt and are converted into alcohol by yeast, so less malt means that there are less sugars to convert. To ensure that Small Beer No.1 has lots of flavour and body we have adjusted the fermentability of the wort and the type of sugars it contains. This leads to a higher proportion of sugars in the final beer to give a bigger mouthfeel and body without the additional sweetness.