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White Stout

A stout with a twist! We’ve created a delicious chocolate and coffee flavoured pale-golden beer that has the full-bodied character of a stout. 





1.3 units per half

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Light Gold

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Roasted Coffee, Chocolate

Cyclops mouth iconTaste

Roasted Coffee, Chocolate


3.0 out of 5 3.0/5 bitterness 3.0/5 bitterness 3.0/5 bitterness 3.0/5 bitterness 3.0/5 bitterness


4.0 out of 5 4.0/5 sweetness 4.0/5 sweetness 4.0/5 sweetness 4.0/5 sweetness 4.0/5 sweetness


Admiral, Fuggles, Brambling Cross


Maris Otter, Torriefied Oats, Torrefied Barley


Wheat and Barley

Available in cask throughout June.

Our cask beers use isinglass finings, therefore, are not vegetarian. Good news though - our keg and bottled beers are all suitable for vegetarians!

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Some deliciousBeer and food pairings

A bitterness in beer is the one factor that can sometimes make it difficult to pair beer with food. The high level of bitterness and cocoa flavour in our White Stout makes this beer a good pairing for bitter chocolate to elevate the overall flavours in both the beer and food.

There's a beer for that

Perfect with...

Smoky and char-grilled meat and sausages, chocolate desserts

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White StoutA tale of deception...

This is an amazing beer you must try!  It’s a pale golden colour but, close your eyes and taste -  it has all the full-bodied flavour of a stout. How has this illusion been created?  Well we’ve substituted the dark malts for rich, chocolatey cacao nibs in the mash and then dry hopped our stout with even more cacao nibs and coffee beans from artisan coffee roasters 200 degrees who are based in Nottingham. We’ve also used Admiral, Fuggles and Brambling Cross Hops with premium Maris Otter Malt.

The result is a light-coloured beer with chocolate and rich coffee roasted flavours on a light gold backdrop.

We’d like to thank our friends at Lincoln Green Brewery in Nottingham for welcoming Lisa from the Seven Stars in Rugby and our marketing team to brew Everards White Stout.