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These loans have helped to raise the standards of grounds and allowed the league to grow accross Leicestershire.

"We have been able to go out and recommend to clubs what they need to do to improve their clubs and how we can help through our loan scheme, explaining the benefits of the grounds being the best they can be. 

During the 27 years of us providing this service we have never had a problem chasing money – this is a huge achievement that we are very proud of!” says David Miller, long-standing and recently retired president of the Cricket League

The league promotes this service internally in their publications and online to make clubs aware they can access such a great service. 

Founded in 1904 Syston Cricket Club holds its own in sporting history in Leicestershire and is one club that has relied on this loan system over the years.

Pete talks us through how the league loans have supported this club over the years, especially with recruiting young players. 

It is the very fact that the league has benefited every year since inception with Everards support that the loan pot has grown to its current level allowing the fantastic number of improvement to clubs in the county. We’ve been able to do this because of Everards. David Miller,
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Kia Ryan, Communications Co-ordinator at Everards says; “This is such a unique way of spending the sponsorship money we give to the league. We think this is inspirational and hope others will read this and think about what they could do with their own sponsorship money to improve their sports overall, as the cricket league have done. We were amazed when the amounts were totted up to see how far the money can go and how many people have benefitted when used in this way!” 

As a new deal is signed between Everards and the league the future of cricket in Leicestershire looks strong with grounds that all can be proud of!.

Another club that has taken advantage of the loans system is Cropston Circket Club. 

Cropston, celebrates it's 100th birthday next year and Steve Hickinbotham chats to us about how the club have benfitted over the years from investment in a new score board in 2016, Covers a few years previously and as recently as last week a brand new patio area - all of which made possible by the Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League loans. 

Syston Cricket
Cricket is a great sport to get involved in and we boast some great clubs in Leicestershire, so if you want to get involved in a club or even just go and spectate look up your local club today!
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