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Try the NEW addition to our exciting SMaSH series!

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We love hops, they bring an incredible amount of aroma and bitterness to beer!

‘SMaSH’ is our new series of beers which stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. This style of beer not only has a great flavour but is an excellent way to explore the characteristics of a specific hop. You may think with the addition of a singular hop, these beers may be simple in flavour, but they are in fact anything but - instead you’ll enjoy complex flavours for a refreshing beer.

Our SMaSH beers are brewed in our Small Batch Brewery, which is home to a lovely piece of kit that allows our brewers to explore a range of different ingredients and beer styles for you to enjoy. We welcomed the Institute of Brewing & Distilling Young Members to our Small Batch brewery to create our latest SMaSH beer which is brewed with an experimental U.S hop, not yet available to the market. Our Head Brewer Jon said “We were so excited to be given the opportunity to brew this great new beer with a brand-new hop, this gives our drinkers a really unique beer to try and the IBD young members loved the opportunity to brew with such a special hop.”

This high alpha experimental hop benefits from a high flavour and bitterness. The fruity character of the hop creates a fragrant beer offering a complex assortment of berries and peach accompanied by earthy and herbal aromas.

Of course, SMaSH beers also allow us to change the malt type to demonstrate how a different base malt can affect the character of a beer. This could be something that we explore in the future.

Exclusively available in our Beer Hall or to enjoy at home in our handy 5 litre minicasks – catch it while you can, something this good won’t be around long!

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Don't miss out! Order your minicask today, we only have 21 available

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