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Since taking over 10 years ago, Jonny and Leah have secured The Cradock’s position right at the heart of the community in Knighton. “It’s been wonderful in that time to see the business grow, give the community a great place to meet and also make some life-long friends.”

“The Cradock is a unique and special pub because of its history. Did you know that the pub is one of the oldest in Leicester and was originally on the estate belonging to the Craddock family who were quakers? In the 17th century they agreed for the Cradock to sell alcohol although this was against the quaker religion. So as to not discredit the family the letter 'd' was removed from the pubs name.”

With Father’s Day approaching, Jonny is looking forward to a day off from the business. I'm very fortunate to be able to have Fathers’ day off. Approximately 4yrs ago I suffered a heart attack. I was extremely lucky to have not sustained any long-term damage, but the timing meant the boys could step up and take on more responsibilities allowing me time to recover.”

Supporting each other is a big part of working with family members and whilst times can sometimes be challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. “My advice when working with family members is always respect each other and support each other. Try not to take your work home and always make sure you have your days off and holidays.”

Interested in taking on a family pub business? We have some great opportunities at the minute, give us a call for an informal chat on 0116 201 4260 or check out some available pubs here.

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