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Today we raise a glass with Alan, April and Jade Richardson as they celebrate their one-year anniversary at The Honeycomb pub in Mickleover.

Alan and April have only been at The Honeycomb for one year, but they are no strangers to the trade and all it has to offer, including the highs and the lows. 20 years ago, they ran a pub in Stoke, before they decided it was the right time to explore pastures new. Alan moved into sales and April set up her own mobile catering business, but now they are back in the trade they share a passion for and are enjoying pulling pints once again!

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After moving to Mickleover and enjoying The Honeycomb as their local, over the years they saw the pub change hands and its reputation go up and down along the way, but from experience, they always knew what great potential the pub had and that with a bit of hard work and direction it could be a pub the community could be proud of and a successful business.

So, last year when the opportunity came up to take on the pub business, Alan and April decide it was the right time for them to move back into the trade as The Honeycomb presented a perfect opportunity.

“Yes, it is hard work, but it’s our business and I’m enjoying being my own boss." Alan Richardson,
Business Owner
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