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Our beers

Copper aleTiger

A local favourite, Tiger is a perfectly balanced beer with carefully selected premium British hops and malt that gives a subtle toffee aroma and a beautiful copper colour in the glass . It's not difficult to see why Tiger is so popular in pubs.

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Bold Citrus AleGolden Hop

Joining our permanent range is Golden Hop. A refreshing, zesty beer, perfect to enjoy down your local.

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Amber aleBeacon Hill

Lightly hopped and moreish, Beacon Hill is the perfect pint to enjoy when taking in the views. This amber beer is low in ABV with subtle flavours - perfect for beginners or as a session ale.

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Beacon Hill Pump Tap FINAL

Golden aleSunchaser

Refreshing and zesty, create your 'sunchasing' moment with this beer. A real treat for the senses, with a soft lemon and honey aroma and subtle zesty almost citrus taste in the mouth this is the perfect beer to bring that golden joy all year round.

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Ruby aleOld Original

The ultimate strong ale with rich and fruity flavours, Old Original is a classic. The very best premium British hops and malt give this ruby coloured beer a full-bodied taste.

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