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Run a pub with usYour vision, your business with our support

Running your own independent pub business can be hugely rewarding – being the boss of your own successful business, being at the heart of your community and meeting new friends for life. However, it can be hard work and often involves long hours – but on the upside, no two days are the same. It really is as much of a lifestyle choice as a career.

You will become a pillar of the community, an employer of local people and everything from a psychologist to marriage guidance counsellor, but it also requires the passion, vision and drive to create a successful business.

If this sounds like something for you, our experienced team would be happy to discuss what to expect when taking on your own pub business, to help you decide if it’s right for you and also discuss the next steps.

Whether you're experienced or new to the pub world we can help you get started and are here for your every step of the way, if you need us.

Why partner with us?

We are an independent, family-run business with a rich heritage and a continued commitment to the future of brewing and pubs.

We offer:

  • Great pubs
    We have over 150 pubs across the East Midlands and beyond that we continue to invest in and we offer a three-year tenancy agreement which is protected by the Landlord & Tenant Act.
  • Freedom to run your business, your way
    Our pubs are run as independent businesses, as we know it’s great people that make great pubs and also that every pub is different with unique needs from its local community. So, it’s your vision and passion that creates great experiences for customers and a successful business for you.
  • Support is tailored to you
    We pride ourselves on building great relationships with all our business owners. A dedicated Business Relationship Manager will get to know you and provide guidance and support if and when needed. With 172 years' experience, we have lots of knowledge and best practices to share.
  • Access to a fantastic and exclusive beer range
    We’ve been brewing since 1849 and have recently invested £6.5 million in our new state-of-the-art brewery, not only giving you access to local favourites like our popular ‘Tiger’ ale but also to an innovating and exciting range of beers which aren’t available anywhere else.
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