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This is one for the top of your checklist when looking at who to run a pub with.

The Landlord & Tenant Act is an important part of any tenancy agreement and one which you should seek out to ensure that you are fully protected when it comes to taking on your own pub business.

It means that if you have kept to the conditions of your tenancy agreement with the pub company, then you can keep re-signing every three years, which means the ball is in your court if you wish to stay or not unless you break the terms of the contract.

On the rare occasion the pub company should not grant you renewal then you will be entitled to compensation, unless you have breached the terms of your tenancy.

There is also an agreed notice period which you can give at any point should your situation change, and you need to exit the business.

When looking around at different tenancy agreements, make sure to ask if the agreement is Landlord & Tenant protected.