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Hannah's vision for The Admiral Rodney was clear: to create a solid village pub that blends modernity with tradition and appeals across generations. The refurbishment in late 2023, done in collaboration with Everards, focused on enhancing the pub's character while making it more inviting. The result? A stylish yet cosy space that respects its heritage, evidenced by the preserved drinkers' taproom and historic local photographs of Calverton Coal Mine. "99% of people are loving the new look," Hannah says.

The evolution of The Admiral Rodney also involved diversifying its offerings. Previously a predominantly wet-led pub, the introduction of a new tapas & bar snacks menu has shifted its focus, attracting a broader customer base. "The food trade has gone up," Hannah says, noting the pub's new role as a daytime hub for coffee, cake, and breakfasts, catering to the local work-from-home crowd and walking groups.

Managing two distinct pubs presents unique challenges, particularly in balancing time and attention. Hannah emphasises the importance of still paying attention to Ye Olde Bridge while also nurturing The Admiral Rodney.

Staff management is crucial, with three managers staying at Ye Olde Bridge and a promoted bar manager now focusing on The Admiral Rodney.

Reflecting on her partnership with Everards, Hannah appreciates the balance of support and independence. "They have a good business understanding and will give you as little or as much support as you want," she says. This approach has allowed her to leverage her skills while benefiting from Everards' expertise.

Hannah's story is inspiring for anyone considering running pubs or expanding their existing portfolio. Her success with Ye Olde Bridge Inn and The Admiral Rodney demonstrates the potential for growth, community building and personal fulfilment in the pub industry.

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