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The Warwickshire Bears Wheelchair Basketball Academy is a basketball team that trains local disabled sports people to play and partake in competitive sport and in high level competitions. The group also offers a place for team mates to come together to offer advice,support and share their experiences.

The chair is open for all to use and the group also invite local community members to take part and try out the chairs to get a feel of the sporting ability the Warwickshire Bears have.

Currently, the predominant user of the chair is Michelle Quested who plays for their WWBC league.

Michelle Quested in new wheelchair 2.jpeg

Nominated for support by Tom Masterson, the Bears Head Coach, the group were awarded £2,850 funding to purchase a new sports wheelchair, opening up space for more team recruits to stay active, train and build confidence.

It already has made a major difference to Michelle’s confidence and abilities, inspiring her to train more and improve her game and fitness.
It was amazing to see the difference in her performance having a new wheelchair to play in. Tom,
Warwickshire Bears Coach
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