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Cosby community library is kept going by volunteers and needed a new fire escape door as their current door swells in the damp weather and cannot be opened easily. The library, like the pub is a real hub for the community and is once again a safe place for all.

"The library relies on donations to maintain its running costs and to hear we had been awarded the full £500 that we applied for was brilliant! This will help the library tremendously as it would have taken a long time to raise the amount of money needed to replace the fire door. Cosby is a fantastic community and to know we have helped and made people safe just by filling in an application form, something so simple that has made such a huge difference, feels great! Paul,
Bulls Head

We are proudly working with Carling once again to give YOU the chance to access up to £20,000 funding for your local community projects.

All you have to do is nominate a project in your local area and Carling will select projects from across the UK to fund and turn into a reality.

The Carling Made Local campaign is our way of helping make those ideas and grassroots community projects come to life. From revamping the local community centre to kitting out the local search and rescue team, the Made Local Fund can help!

Nominate a project hereor find out more here

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