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In a nutshell, yes! However, we also work with local brewing friends such as Titanic, Lincoln Green and Brunswick Brewery to offer you a great range of beers from them throughout the year to perfectly complement the Everards range. We believe that our beers are a great perk of working with a local, independent family brewery and here are four reasons why...

  1. Exclusive for you

Our beers are exclusively brewed for our pubs and a small number of local partners such as the Leicester Tigers. This offers Everards pubs a great point of difference. Local drinkers know that the best place to enjoy a pint of Tiger or try our latest limited-edition brew is in their local Everards pub. Even our packaged beers are sold only direct from Everards. So, you won’t find a cut-price bottle in your local supermarket or a pub chain down the road selling Old Original.

  1. Hundreds of thousands of drinkers see our brewery every year

We are really proud of our state-of-the-art breweries in our Leicestershire home. We have our £6.5m main plant which is on show to all who visit our Beer Hall at Everards Meadows and this was built in 2021 to the specification of our brewers who worked at our previous Castle Acres Brewery, led by our previous Head Brewer of over 30 years, Graham, and current Head Brewer, Jon. We also have a small batch brewery where our team can experiment, with popular small batch beers scaled up to be enjoyed across our pubs. You can bring customers to come and see their favourite beers being brewed on one of our award-winning brewery tours so they can really see why the pint in your pub is so special.

  1. Always top notch

Our beers are consistently high quality- that's the Everards standard. Alongside our brewery investment, we have an amazing lab checking brews at every stage and our pubs are supported by our very own technical services and trade quality teams who support you with every product on your bar, as well as our own. Our brewing team have many years of experience and we’re busy developing our next generation of brewers through our apprenticeship scheme.

  1. Famous for over 50 years, with great new friends

Our Tiger is a local icon with fans of all ages. Old Original is a classic favourite, sought after by drinkers for its rich flavours. Alongside these are lots of favourites and new beers – from Sunchaser to New World IPA, from Golden Hop to Tighthead, there is always something being welcomed back as well as something new to try.

So you get the best of both worlds – exclusive, high quality, interesting Everards beers together with some choice from other brilliant local brewers. We work in partnership with you to ensure that you can offer your drinkers a great range both with beer and across the entire bar.

There are other types of agreements and if you’re chatting to other breweries and pub companies, we always recommend asking lots of questions. Here are a few to get you started!...

  • What do I have to buy from you?
  • Can you offer me any exclusivity on the drinks I would buy from you?
  • What pub support do you offer around quality?
  • What beers can I access? Is there a wide choice?
  • How do you promote your beers?